96 HP Bull Backhoe Loader

What is BULL Backhoe Loader?

Backhoe Loader is a unique of its kind in construction equipment that gets your various construction work done easily and efficiently. BULL Backhoe loader is renowned brand in India as well as in the world.

Why 96 HP BULL Backhoe Loaders?

96 HP BULL Backhoe is the most desired products in India as well as across the world. This model is available in 2 wheel drive as well as in 4 wheel drive.

2WD 96 HP BULL Backhoe is the most suitable backhoe for Indian Market particularly in the region of Delhi/NCR. 4WD BULL Backhoe is more suitable and perfect backhoe demanded by overseas buyers especially in African Countries.

Specifications of BULL Backhoe Loader

The BULL Backhoe Loader has been gaining popularity for its feature packed models.

The machines are equipped with all advance features that provide excellent performance and productivity while making them reliable for use.

Technical Information


96 HP Backhoe Loader

Descriptions96 HP
Standard G.P Bucket Capacity1.1 cu.m
Dump Height2.96 m
Load Over Height3.39 m
Pin Height3.61 m
Pin Forward Reach0.42 m
Reach at Ground1.47 m
Reach at full height1.28 m
Reach at full Height bkt Dumped0.89 m
Below ground level DIG Depth0.1 m
Roll back at Ground490 
Dump Angle450
Bucket Break-out Force8183 kgf
Loader Arm Break-out Force5251 kgf
Pay Load1800 kgf

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DescriptionsRetraction STDTelescopic Dipper
Standard G.P Bucket Capacity0.27 cu.m
Maximum DIG Depth4.60m5.59 m
Reach Ground Level to Rear wheel centre6.80 m7.91m
Reach Ground Level to slew centre5.50 m6.60m
Reach at full Height to slew centre2.85m3.56m
Maximum working Height5.92m6.77m
Maximum Load over Height4.14 m5.02m
Bucket Rotation – Power1880
Bucket Tear out Force6072 kgf
Dipper Tear our Force3150 kgf
Lift capacity to bucket Pivot at full Reach (without Bucket)1400 kgs


Overall length6.04 m
Wheelbase2.22 m
King post travel1.03 m
Minimum ground clearance0.48 m
Slew ground clearance0.65 m
Height to top of bonnet1.99 m
Height to top of cabin3.00 m
Over all height3.71 m
Track width – rear1.70 m
Track width – front1.93 m
Width over bucket2.35 m
Side reach to centre line of machine6.08 m


EngineKirloskar 4R 1040, TA2 EURO-III A, Diesel Engine.
No of cylinder:4
Gross Power:71.6 Kw (96HP) @ 2200 RPM
Gross Torque377 Nm @1400 RPM


Forward Km/hrReverse Km/hr
Max: 40 Km/HrMax: 9.3 Km/Hr

Turning Cycle

Inner wheels bracked

* Outside loader bucket 8.8 m
* Outside Wheels 6.3 m

Inner wheels not bracked

* Outside loader bucket 11.6 m
* Outside Wheels 8.9 m


180 Ampere-hour 12 volts battery system with alternator and full road lighting.


SMART technology hydraulics: 3335 PSI (230 bar).
Pump flow: 134 LPM at 2200RPM.


8150 kgs with Standard GP Bucket Option

Service Capacities

Hydraulic Tank125 Ltr100 Ltr
Fuel Tank115/150 Ltr*
Engine Coolant17 Ltr15 Ltr
Engine Oil12 Ltr12 Ltr
Transmission19.5 Ltr16 Ltr
Rear axle17 Ltr17 Ltr
4WD Front Axle8 Ltr8 Ltr


Excavator Buckets
Capacities0.23 cu.m (standard)
0.1 cu.m
Options0.17 cu.m
0.21 cu.m

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The BULL SMART is equipped with the all-powerful CARRARO synchro shuttle transmission that helps in imparting magnificent drive power in all types of working conditions. This equipment has a 4-speed fully synchromesh gearbox that comes with an integral torque convertor and electrically operated forward & reversing shuttle. These features make the machine very robust and high performing.

The layout of the pedals and the conventional 4 pattern gear lever with transmission disconnect switch greatly enhance the overall ease of operation of the machine. Not only this, but this machine allows for the change of gears, while on move as well.

It also comes with an additional option i.e. the SMART HTS equipment offers state of the art open-loop Hydrostatic drive (Patent pending).


In the rear part, there is the drive axle that is very rigidly mounted. Its primary function is to incorporate Max-Trac torque proportioning differential, driven by short prop shaft from gearbox.

At the front, there is the steer axle which is centrally pivoted with oscillation angle ±16°.


The machine has hydraulically actuated, duel line, self-adjusting, compensated oil-immersed, multi-disc type on the rear axle. These are very well protected from dirt, water, etc. Thus, you would not have to worry much about their maintenance and repairs. They operate with the help of the independent pedals that are linked together for normal use.

The two independently operable foot pedals make it possible for the machine to maneuver in tight and limited spaces with ease.

For parking purposes, the BULL SMART has manually operated, oil-immersed multi-disc on the rear axle.


BULL SMART is built to be equipped with full power, front-wheel hydraulic power steering with manual capability. This protects the operator in the events of the engine or hydraulic power failure. It also has the hydraulic supply from the pump via priority valve.


Front: 2WD: 9.00X16 – I6PR, 4WD: 12.5/80X18 -12PR
Rear: 2WD & 4WD:16.9X28 -12PR (STD INDUSTRIAL TYRE): 14.00X25-20PR (HEAVY DUTY TYRE)


The curved cab glasses at the front give excellent visibility to the operator while moving and working.

The machine is built to conform to the ROPS and FOPS standards. In this way, the machines are all excellent when it comes to operator safety.

Another terrific feature of the cab of the BULL SMART is that it has a fully adjustable seat built with ergonomically positioned controls and soft-touch steering wheel. It makes the operator’s work too comfortable.

The cab provides easy ‘walk through’ two-door access. Of the many other great features in this machine, a few include the seat belt, large convex rear view mirror, interior light, front screen wiper, front and rear horn, hazard warning system, toolbox and helper seat.

Instrumentation panel is positioned on the right-hand side and it includes parameters such as engine speed, engine hours, fuel level and water temperature.

BULL SMART also provides an audible and visual fault warning system for alternator charge, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, blocked air filter, transmission oil temperature and hand-brake on. So, there is absolutely no chance of any kind of issues arising from these as you can be prepared beforehand.

Last but not the least, there is plenty of legroom available that benefits the operator again as it reduces leg strain, fatigue and thus, allows the operator to work un-interrupted and comfortably for long hours.

Type of BULL Backhoe Loaders We deal with

At RBAS Global, we are the authorised sellers and exporter of the following models of BULL Backhoe Loaders

1. Smart 60 – 2WD / 4WD (60HP)
2. HD 76 – 2WD / 4WD (76HP)
3. HD 96- 2WD / 4WD (96 HP)
4. HD 100 – 4wd (100 HP)

These models are very powerful and versatile and help you get your work done with ease and minimal time and power consumption. You can get in touch with our executive for more details about these models.

More Salient Features of the BULL Backhoe Loader

Heavy Weight Champion

More bucket breakout Force & Backhoe Bucket Capacity. 10% more dozing, grade ability penetration, more productivity.

10% More Traction

More bucket breakout Force & Backhoe Bucket Capacity. 10% more dozing, grade ability penetration, more productivity.

Tallest Dumping Bucket

The tallest Dumping Backhoe Loader in the World with highest Bucket Breakout force

Comfort Driving

Better Weight Distribution Effy Power System
Results in Driving Comfort in Higher Road Speed

Multi Loader Bucket Option

Forklift, Booster Bucket (12.96 ft Dump high), Bale Grabber, Grabbing Fork, Brick Grabber Etc.

Most Fuel Efficient Backhoe

Effy power system power, Smart hydraulic dual pump & Eco hydraulic.

Extra Ordinary Reliability

Heavy Duty Boom & Dipper, Steel, sliding, swivel kind post – No breakage Etc.

Scratch Resistant Painting

Word Class Power Coating Plant, Paint, Powder Coating & Scratch resistant Etc.

World Class Cabin Comfort

Good vision while operating loader, Comfort seat, Joy Stick with selector switch Etc.

World Best Parts

World Famous Hydro Control (Italy) Valve, AKG (German) Radiator Cooler, Danfos Break (Denmark) Etc.

Bucket Options

Different types of application specific quick interchangeable loader bucket options.


Why BULL Backhoe Loader?

We can give you more than one reason to select the BULL backhoe loader for your construction work. All the models from these manufacturers use excellent quality imported spare and machine parts that ensure longevity and quality.

The machines are built to provide world class cabin comfort for the operator. It comes with tillable steering, a joy stick with selector switch and an option for AC cabin. You also get numerous other benefits from the BULL backhoe loader.

For further information, you can simply get in touch with us.

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Why RBAS Global for BULL Backhoe Loader?

RBAS Global enjoys being the leaders in the supply of heavy machine equipment for the past many years. We have been into construction and heavy duty machinery for enough years that have helped us shape ourselves into perfection.

RBAS Global has been researching on this field diligently and has procured substantial information and experience in various construction machinery supply. We have a database on multiple machines that can come handy for you. Besides our extensive knowledge, we have a very nice working relationship with the leading suppliers of the same all over the world.

We also provide training and operation support for our clients and ensure after-sales customer support. So, you shouldn’t worry about any hiccups that you may face while operating these heavy duty machinery. You can count on our engineers for any assistance.

What is our market for BULL Backhoe Loader?

In India, we are distributor of BULL backhoe loader for National Capital Region- NCR, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Sonipat, Bhagpat and parts of India.

For overseas, we are exporting BULL backhoe Loaders and other constructions equipment across the world for quite some time and have exported more than 10 countries.

We export many countries across the world and the major countries we export are;

Africa, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Australia, Philippines, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Canada, Turkey, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates.

Our Team

Our team at RBAS Global comprises of knowledgeable and highly professional engineers and executives that look into the customers’ need right from sourcing the best machines to after sales service. All our engineers are trained to check the machines from scratch so that none of our clients could suffer due to faulty machinery or any other transactional issue.

How BULL Backhoe Loader is different from other backhoe loaders?

The BULL Backhoe Loader comes with many specifications and features that are only unique to it. It provides multiple bucket options that include rocker breaker, brick grabber, grabbing fork etc. Another feature is that the BULL Backhoe Loader comes with the guarantee of international standard machine parts used in it.

Our Prices

At RBAS Global, we ensure to make the deal profitable for you and hence, we provide all the machines at affordable costs to you.

All our rates are competitive and the best you will find in the market.

Who can buy BULL Backhoe Loaders and whom we serve?

We serve to the entire community of agriculturists and those involved in the construction projects like building of houses or roads in urban and rural areas.

The major buyers are from the below industries;

• Road construction
• Building construction
• Sugar Plant
• Paper Plant
• Ceramics
• Glass Plant
• Cement Factories
• Stone Crushers
• Cotton Industries
• Coil Industries
• Coconut Industries
• Wood Industries
• Particle boards
• Ply woods
• Brick Industries
• Hydro Project

We are tied up with many government and private firms that have bought or rented our equipment for several projects.

About BULL Factory

BULL is a leading name in manufacturing and supplying heavy machinery to different industries.

They became popularly known for their excellent quality tractors.

Now, they have spread their wings and introduced new machinery for the construction world.

One such machinery is the BULL Backhoe Loaders.

Customer Testimonials

2017 was a great year for me to buy a soil compactor from RBAS Global and had awesome experience dealing with them to receive complete coordination from purchase to Shipment till delivery.

I recommend you to give them a chance for your construction equipment requirement.

Mr. Dung

Founder, G8 Construction Machinery Company – Vietnam

It was a nice experience for me to buy various equipment from RBAS Global and I found them very polite and humble to resolve any issue coming up during my entire deal.

I cannot stop myself to contact them again as and when I need another construction equipment.

Mr. Richard Orwell

Founder, Raytech Electronics SDN BHD – Malaysia

My overall experience was great. RBAS has not only provided us the best price but also extended their helping hands post sales as well as when sought their assistance.

You are good to go and do an experiment with RBAS Global for the purchase of your construction equipment requirement.

Dr. Saleh Saeed Al Qahtani

Founder, Tassne Alladaen Company

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