Piling Rig

Piling rigs are construction equipments that are used for piling in foundation engineering. They are primarily used to drill silty clay, sandy soil, other foundation projects etc.

Basically, the piling machines are of 4 types. At RBAS Global, we deal in all the four types of piling machinery from leading manufacturers like XCMG.

Our XCMG machinery is built with world-class technology. We provide machines for all your construction needs. Be it a small piling work or major ones like building foundation, we have a machine for all the purpose.

Common places where piling rig is used:

  • Municipal construction
  • Expressway
  • Bridge
  • Industrial and civil buildings
  • Diaphragm wall
  • Water conservancy project

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Types Of Piling Rigs

Continuous Flight Auger Drilling Machine

These models are basically used for large construction projects. These are multipurpose machines that use Rotary drilling and CFA method to drill. They have imported hydraulic parts and therefore are one of the most sought-after machines. We deal in three variants of this model. They are


It has the specifications of

  • Rated Power:133kW
  • Max.output torque:150kN·m
  • Rotary speed:8~36r/min

It varies from the previous model in the aspects of specifications as mentioned below:

  • Rated Power:194kW
  • Max.output torque:180kN·m
  • Rotary speed:7~33r/min

This has the specifications:

  • Rated Power:242kW
  • Max.output torque:220kN·m
  • Rotary speed:7~26r/min

Bolt Drilling Machine

These machines are used for high power drilling and are built to provide high productivity with maximum reliability. We deal in two models:


Specifications are

  • Rated power/speed:129/2200r/min/kW
  • Max. Torque:800/1400N·m

Specifications are:

  • Rated power/speed:165/2200r/min/kW
  • Max. Torque:949/1500N·m
  • Fuel tank capacity:230L

Rotary Drilling Rig

We deal in around 27 models of rotary drilling rig from XCMG. These machines have imported Cummins turbo-supercharged engine and ensure reliable and superior performance for a long period of time. They are highly efficient when it comes to fuel usage and have unique speed droop design.

We deal in the following 27 models from XCMG. Each has different specification, but every single piece is built keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

Diaphragm Wall Grab

These machines are primarily used to excavate diaphragm walls in varied conditions of soils.

Diaphragm wall grab has 3 sub-types:

  • XTC series Trench Cutter

This includes two models: XTC80 and XTC80/55

  • XG series underground diaphragm wall hydraulic grab

This includes four models:

  • Multi axis underground diaphragm wall drilling machine.

This has 8 models from XCMG

To know more about these piling rig models in details, you must get in touch with our expert technical staff. We have years of experience in catering to construction needs. Our products are sourced only from genuine manufacturers.

They have passed all quality checks to ensure that none of your projects suffers due to the presence of any faulty equipment.

We suggest the best models based on your needs and requirements. With our timely and reliable delivery, you will be able to get the best value for your money. Contact us now!

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2017 was a great year for me to buy a soil compactor from RBAS Global and had awesome experience dealing with them to receive complete coordination from purchase to Shipment till delivery.

I recommend you to give them a chance for your construction equipment requirement.

Mr. Dung

Founder, G8 Construction Machinery Company – Vietnam

It was a nice experience for me to buy various equipment from RBAS Global and I found them very polite and humble to resolve any issue coming up during my entire deal.

I cannot stop myself to contact them again as and when I need another construction equipment.

Mr. Richard Orwell

Founder, Raytech Electronics SDN BHD – Malaysia

My overall experience was great. RBAS has not only provided us the best price but also extended their helping hands post sales as well as when sought their assistance.

You are good to go and do an experiment with RBAS Global for the purchase of your construction equipment requirement.

Dr. Saleh Saeed Al Qahtani

Founder, Tassne Alladaen Company

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