Truck Cranes

Truck cranes are designed to have a crane mounted on a truck carrier. This design allows a greater degree of mobility as compared to the other types of cranes. It basically has two parts: the carrier, otherwise known as the Lower, and other parts, the lifting component that has the boom, often called as the Upper.

These are connected via a turntable that allows the upper portion to swing freely from one side to the other. All the modern and hydraulic truck cranes comprise of a single engine that powers the undercarriage and also the crane.

Truck canes are capable of travelling on highways, thus removing the need for extra equipment for transporting the crane.

At RBAS Global, we provide different models of truck cranes from leading brands like XCMG, SANY, ACE. You can select the model depending upon your requirement. We have listed down the specifications of the best hydraulic truck cranes for you to choose from.


With a total lifting capacity of 25 tons, it provides excellent performance. It has an extended boom length of 39.5 m. It has many competitive advantages over other models with its out-of-the-world technology.


This is an upgraded version of the QY25K5 by improving the travel and working performance. It has a base boom of 10.4 m and can lift weights up to 25 tons.


These serve as service truck cranes with excellent performance when it comes to lifting. They can carry weights up to 30 tons and have a base boom of 1166 Kn.m.


This is another high-end performance truck crane from XCMG. It is very effective in its travel and lift performance and can lift up to a capacity of 50 tons.


This model incorporates an innovative jib system with lifting capacity up to 50 tons. It has a higher torque starting point to ensure robust performance.

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2017 was a great year for me to buy a soil compactor from RBAS Global and had awesome experience dealing with them to receive complete coordination from purchase to Shipment till delivery.

I recommend you to give them a chance for your construction equipment requirement.

Mr. Dung

Founder, G8 Construction Machinery Company – Vietnam

It was a nice experience for me to buy various equipment from RBAS Global and I found them very polite and humble to resolve any issue coming up during my entire deal.

I cannot stop myself to contact them again as and when I need another construction equipment.

Mr. Richard Orwell

Founder, Raytech Electronics SDN BHD – Malaysia

My overall experience was great. RBAS has not only provided us the best price but also extended their helping hands post sales as well as when sought their assistance.

You are good to go and do an experiment with RBAS Global for the purchase of your construction equipment requirement.

Dr. Saleh Saeed Al Qahtani

Founder, Tassne Alladaen Company

Other Types Of Truck Cranes


Built with a lifting capacity of around 60 tons, this is a high-performance truck crane for XCMG. It has a powerful jib length along with a robust base boom.


These machines have a total lifting capacity of more than 70 tons and a full-extended boom up to 44.5 m. The secondary lift is quite safe and is designed in such a way that the cab is extra spacious and easier to operate.


80 tons is the maximum lifting capacity and these machines are ideal for use in construction sites where you need an equipment to lift heavy raw materials and demolished materials.


These machines have a maximum lifting capacity of around 100 tons and are built to provide maximum comfort and safety to the operator. They have excellent LCD display for better viewing quality and angles.


QY130K Truck Cranes are primarily used in large petrochemical projects. They look into any inspection, installation or repair works in such sites. They have maximum lifting capacity of 130 tons and are designed in a way to provide optimum driving safety and ease.

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