Single Drum Vibratory Roller

Single drum vibratory rollers are very important soil compaction equipments for compacting granular and semi-cohesive materials at the construction site.

At RBAS Global, we understand this importance and thus, provide our customers with a robust range of single drum vibratory rollers of Dynapac; CA 255, CA 255D, CA250D and other leading brands depending on the customers requirement.

Our range of vibrating roller compactors is well-equipped with pneumatic rubber tires and a roller drum. The operating weight of each single drum vibratory roller ranges somewhere around 4.5 and 18 tonne with the power capacity from 22 to 158 kW, depending on the model you choose.

These soil compaction equipments are versatile, robust and designed in a very compact manner of the many applications of these equipments, few are embankments, pipeline construction and earthworks. Our soil compactors help in the compaction the soils under specified conditions and dimensions.

We supply such single drum vibratory rollers from all the leading brands that include the very popular Dynapac with model numbers: CA 255, CA255D and CA250D.

Our Dynapac vibratory rollers are robust and compactly designed to help you with your soil compaction needs.

We provide all these equipments to our customers at affordable and competitive rates so that they can keep well within their budget.

Our staff ensures that we deliver the equipments on time so that our customers do not face any difficulty due to dearth of equipments.

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Customer Testimonials

2017 was a great year for me to buy a soil compactor from RBAS Global and had awesome experience dealing with them to receive complete coordination from purchase to Shipment till delivery.

I recommend you to give them a chance for your construction equipment requirement.

Mr. Dung

Founder, G8 Construction Machinery Company – Vietnam

It was a nice experience for me to buy various equipment from RBAS Global and I found them very polite and humble to resolve any issue coming up during my entire deal.

I cannot stop myself to contact them again as and when I need another construction equipment.

Mr. Richard Orwell

Founder, Raytech Electronics SDN BHD – Malaysia

My overall experience was great. RBAS has not only provided us the best price but also extended their helping hands post sales as well as when sought their assistance.

You are good to go and do an experiment with RBAS Global for the purchase of your construction equipment requirement.

Dr. Saleh Saeed Al Qahtani

Founder, Tassne Alladaen Company

Why are we Leading Suppliers of Single Drum Soil Compactors?

  • All our soil compaction equipments are designed for durability, performance and longevity. There will be no chances where your equipments would break down or slow down.
  • Such equipments are a sound investment as they last for years and have a good resale value.
  • We ensure the quality of the equipments by carrying out several checks on the toughest construction sites. We understand our customers’ needs and so, we value their money.
  • We provide timely delivery of all soil compaction equipment and also assist in explaining the features of the same.
  • We provide a wide range of such vibratory road rollers, including a number of brands and models. No matter what your need is, we can help you find the best equipment for you.

Thus, we see that single drum soil compaction rollers are really very important equipments at construction sites where you need to take care of the loose soil.

You must go for the equipments that have stood the standard quality and safety checks.

At RBAS Global, we understand the extension of your needs. Thus we also provide Walk behind roller of Dynapac and we ensure that you get the best single drum vibratory rollers

Where Can You Use the Single Drum Vibratory Rollers?

Single drum rollers, when attached with vibratory extension plates, form the single drum vibratory rollers. These are specifically used for the compaction of soils that are loose on the surface.

These kinds of soils include crushed road-construction materials and uniform sands. Let us look at a few applications where you could benefit from our robust range of single drum vibratory rollers.

  • Our range of single drum soil compactors can help you in all your road construction needs.
  • You can use our single drum vibratory road roller for all your industrial construction needs.
  • Harbour projects, airfield and dam construction sites are some other places where you can get the benefit of our dynamic and powerful single drum vibratory rollers.

Now that we know where we can use the single drum soil compactors to the maximum use, let us see why we are the leading suppliers of single drum Soil Compactors.

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