All You Need To Know About Backhoe Loader in Tanzania

Before we start, did you know that backhoe loaders are often referred to as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of heavy equipment?

Oh yes!

These heavy machines are absolutely brilliant to excavate and dig big sites easily. One end of the backhoe loader digs up dirt while the other end helps to move it around.

These machines are fantastic for any project and are quite popularly seen on many construction sites, in and around Tanzania and all over the world.

Let us now look at a detailed discussion on backhoe loaders in Tanzania. We will start with what is a backhoe.

What is A Backhoe?

Speaking in strictly technical terms, a backhoe is a multi-use construction equipment, commonly popular in the world of contractors and often called as the “backhoe loader”.

It has the digging bucket, which is called the hoe.

This bucket is situated on the backside of the cab. Towards the front side of the cab, we have a loader bucket or some other type of similar attachment.

The “hoe” is very similar to the old farmer’s hoe and is in fact, named based on the same idea. Therefore, this machine has been named as “backhoe” as it actually has a backhoe equipment attachment.

More about naming it “backhoe”

Basically, the equipment gets the name “backhoe” because of the way its arm moves and digs towards the cab rather than lifting up as a shovel does.

As we already discussed, “Backhoe” is what we call the equipment piece attached to the back of a backhoe loader.

On the other hand, the “loader” part is what we call the the loader bucket that is commonly fixed at the front of the machine.

Both of these pieces are attached to a cab. The cab has a seat for the operator which swivels and allows the operation of the equipment.

The operation can either be at the back or the front of the machine.

Various Projects of Backhoe

Backhoe loaders are very versatile, robust and multi-functional. Therefore, they have been playing pivotal roles in construction, agriculture and landscaping projects where there is an extensive need of digging and excavating.

That is why they have been quite popular in regions of Tanzania. We will look at it in more details in the upcoming sections of this blog.

So, why are they used in these above mentioned industries? Well, backhoe loaders are lighter and quicker as compared to a skid steer and are capable of lifting very heavy weights.

They are absolutely perfect to undertake earthmoving and excavation projects that include breaking up asphalt, digging big trenches or moving earth material.

Because of this efficiency of backhoe loaders, contractors continued to be encouraged to use them instead of skid steers or mini excavators even if they provide enough productivity and efficiency.

Attachments of Backhoe Loaders

The knowledge about backhoe loaders will be incomplete if we do not look at the various attachments that can be fitted with them such as the hydraulic power attachments.

With these, the machine can be able to perform other tasks apart from digging and lifting.

The most popular and commonly used attachments that contractors prefer are hammers and breakers.

Using these breakers and hammers, the operator can easily break down concrete, rocky soils and asphalt.

Another attachment is the tiger tooth attachment that is very beneficial to break through harder soil or frost. This is what makes the backhoe a n indispensable piece of equipment especially in northern climates and also in rough terrains like in Tanzania.

Popular Attachments include Buckets with thumbs, Hammers, Couplers, Compactors, Rippers, Brooms and street sweepers, Snowplows and snow pushes, Augers Etc.

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Some Popular Manufacturers of Backhoes

Be it in Tanzania or anywhere else like in the United States or Europe, you will find many leading companies manufacturing the backhoe loaders. Some of the most well known names include:

Caterpillar (CAT) came into being in 1925 when C. L. Best Tractor Company merged with Holt Manufacturing Company.

This company manufactures not only backhoes but also all the specialized attachments that can be used in place of both the hoe and the loader.

Some of these attachments include soil excavation buckets, coral buckets, ditch cleaning buckets and rock buckets etc for replacing the backhoe.

Today, John Deere enjoys the status of being one of the most popular and loved brand names in backhoe loader equipment category.

You can find seven different types of backhoe loaders manufactured by this company.

The largest model of this company is the 710L that is powered with a 148 hp engine at 2,240 rpm.

It has a total maximum operating weight of 11,607 kg (25,588 lbs).

JCB was the first company to manufacture a Backhoe loader after it was brought into inception by Joseph Cyril Bamford (JCB) in 1945.

Today, JCB has grown up to be one of the most renowned equipment companies all over the world with around 22 plants on four continents.

Its total sales of backhoe loaders per annum exceeds the total combines sales of all other manufacturers together! The most commonly used model in backhoe loader is the 3CX 15 Super Backhoe that is powered with 109 horsepower engine and a bucket breakout force of 12,603 lb / ft.

This is another world class manufacturer of backhoe loaders, who have won the market with their robust design, seating comfort and ease of movement models.

They have been successfully delivering excellent backhoe loaders with the highest efficiency and safety parameters.

RBAS Global is an official distributor and dealer of Bull backhoe leaders. We have all latest models from Bull that you can check out such as the Bull HD76 4WD, Bull HD96 4WD etc.

Best Practices For the Safe Operation

There are quite a few simple ways that you can follow to ensure that your operation of the backhoe loader is safe and secure. Some of them include:

  • Ensuring that you always wear the seat belt.
  • Do not ever operate any backhoe loader without having the stabilisers down.
  • Do not use the bucket to carry or lift people or animals.
  • Do check out for blind spots while you move.
  • When you are moving loads, always keep the loads low and near the ground level.
  • Ensure never to exceed the maximum operating weight of the backhoe loader you are using.
  • Keep a watch on the driving speeds when you are on the site and off it too.
  • Be careful of visibility when you are moving around with loads.

Why Choose Backhoe in Tanzania?

Tanzania is a country in the Eastern Africa tat is surrounded by Uganda in the north, Indian ocean to the east and Zambia to the southwest.

Being a mountainous and decently forested area, Tanzanian economy is based mainly on agriculture.

In the year 2013, agriculture accounted for almost 24.5 per cent of their gross domestic product.

Therefore, it is pretty clear that this country is heavily dependent on farming and agriculture.

To carry out such farming activities in the mountainous terrains, there must be a need to dig and excavate earth and make it even. Here comes a major role of backhoe loaders in Tanzania. Again, this creates a lot of scope for the use of backhoe loaders in Tanzania.

Besides this, industry and construction are also major components of the economy that are seeing stable rise by the day. Under this section, the major sub-components include mining and quarrying, manufacturing, electricity and natural gas, water supply, and construction.

Again, this creates a lot of scope for the use of backhoe loaders in Tanzania.

What we can do for you?

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This was all about backhoe loaders in Tanzania. We will be back again with a new blog. Keep coming back for more!

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